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Our Merit Scholar Program is the top program of its kind.  We work with the top juniors who are working to become National Merit Scholars.  This is the quickest way to get accepted to almost any college or to often get full scholarships.

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Our Programs:


The SAT has undergone many changes in the last ten years.  Townsend has kept pace and has developed new STRATEGIES to meet the demands of the new test.  Like the ACT preparation, we meet with students one-to-one – for 4, two hour sessions.  We can also combine the two courses in 7 – two hours sessions.


The individual ACT preparation is our most popular program.  We meet with students one-to-one – for 4, two hour sessions –  and instruct them in the STRATEGIES of the test.  We also review the content where the student needs to improve. 


Townsend offers our HIGH SET program for eighth grade students.  It can be offered at your grade school during of after school.  If it isn't, contact us to see if it is a possibility.  We now have individual preparation offered in the summer.  Check our HSPT information for details.

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