Our program helps students have options for choosing a high school by:

  • Familiarizing the students with the test’s formats
  • Concentrating on specific HSPT sections and problems
  • Reducing test anxiety
  • Teaching proper pacing techniques
  • Reviewing the content of the tests

Townsend offers our HIGH S.E.T. Programs in schools (ask your school if they offer it or would want to offer it either during or after school).  We can still set up classes for this year.

We also offer individual/group classes at our office.  Our individual program is 2 sessions of two hours each, preferably in the summer.  This is followed by 2 small group review classes (only for students who have taken the individual sessions) right before the test.   School and office classes cover all the same material.

The Townsend Test Prep HIGH S.E.T. Program is designed to help students if they have trouble with:

  • Test anxiety
  • Traditionally low test scores
  • Finishing tests
  • One particular subject (math, English, Vocabulary)

Only the Townsend Test Prep HIGH S.E.T. Program:

  • Only uses teachers trained specifically in test preparation for the HSPT
  • Uses our own materials designed to exactly match the format and question types from the actual HSPT
  • Offers practice materials and flash cards for math and vocabulary
  • Includes a vocabulary APP free to all of our students

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With over 20 years of test preparation experience, Townsend Test Prep is your source for complete High School Entrance Test preparation in the greater Cincinnati area.

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