Townsend Test Prep

The Test Preparation Specialists

The Mastery course for one test only:

Our ACT or SAT Mastery Course is four one - to - one sessions.  Each session is two hours long.  The schedule is flexible with each session being arranged individually. 

We teach strategies for all sections of the test and all the different types of questions.  We adapt our strategies to meet the needs of the individual student, no matter what score they are trying to achieve.  We also cover the content of the test in whatever areas the student might need help.  We use all real ACTs and SATs for practice, and students do at least two practice tests during the course. 

ACT or SAT Mastery One - to - One

The Mastery course for both tests combined:

When we combine the course to cover both tests there are six one - to - one sessions.   Because there is a lot of “overlap” between the tests, we can finish more quickly.  Everything else works the same.

Our Mastery One-to-One course is designed for all students who want to increase their scores on the ACT or SAT.  The course concentrates on time-tested strategies that will increase scores for all levels of students.  Because it is individualized, the class times can be varied to meet a student’s hectic schedules.